Environmentalists: Cayman Islands Must Reduce Carbon Emissions by Several Million Percent

In a recent Greenpeace report, researchers documented that Cayman Islands, a tiny archipelago with just 50.000 inhabitants in the Caribbean sea, is the sole greatest source of greenhouse gases emission.

Grand Cayman - this will cause the extinction of humanity

Enviromental disaster

The report, which based its sources on financial budgets by major companies such as McDonald’s, General Motors, Apple, Starbucks, Shell Oil, and others, claims that “on average, every Caymanian owns 85 automobiles, eats 8.400 burgers every day, owns 200 laptops and tablet computers, drinks 900 litres of coffee a day, consumes many thousand barrels of oil and every citizen is directly responsible for the death of a great panda or killer whale every year.”

The companies used for the report are amongst the world’s largest and most profitable, most with presence in more than 50 countries and territories. They are however mainly profitable in the Cayman Islands, and are reported to suffer ‘thundering deficits’ in most other countries they operate in. Indeed, a McDonald’s official confirmed “although we have thousands of departments in other countries, they are only marketing, product development, accounting and similar administrational purposes. All of our sales occur in the Cayman Islands.”

The report also concluded that if all humans were to live like the inhabitants of the Cayman Islands, we would need many thousand Earths.